5 Kinds of People You Should Not Date For Casual Hookups

casual sex encounterLet’s be clear – a casual hookup can be exciting, but it can also be regrettable. Today, there are many people who are not opposed to casual hookups and in fact, they are looking for such encounters from time to time and that’s fine. If you are interested in something like this, you should know that this no strings attached approach can be an excellent way to get rid of stress and feel happy and free again.

However, the question remains – is it a good idea to have sex with anyone you find attractive or even with people that don’t really attract you? What kind of casual sex partner is good? Are there any bad casual hookups? Having sex is easy, but the consequences you will feel after that can be overwhelming.

While we are talking about casual sex dating, we should also mention that this unique form of dating is now easier than ever thanks to the Internet. Namely, there are many websites that are specialized in this type of dating. In other words, you can find a potential partner in a very short period of time without leaving your home. Isn’t that great?

In case you are single, there is absolutely nothing wrong with casual hookups. But, before you get involved in another night of exciting bed activities, it is a good idea to learn a few things. It is possible to have casual sex partner without feeling guilty, embarrassed or bad once the sex is over, but there are also times when you can experience these things. The reason is simple – there are some people that should not be your casual sex partners. If you want to avoid making mistakes like this, keep reading because in this article we will analyze the 5 kinds of people you should not date for casual hookups.

People you fight with on a regular basis

As we all know, hate is a feeling that can easily be turned into something passionate. At the same time, no matter how much you hate someone, it is very likely that you have some degree of respect. After all, that’s why you hate them – they are a threat to you. In case you have to spend some time with an individual like this, there is a chance that you two might end up in bed together. As we said before, the hate can be transformed into admiration after a few drinks and in the end, you will want to channelize these feelings into passionate sex. Don’t let pure emotions control your mind and make decisions that are probably not the best for you. If you notice that the person you hate is not that bad, you should spend more time with them before starting casual sex dating with them.

People who are your best friends

A best friend (of course, we are talking about best friends of the opposite sex) is a person who is well-aware of all your good and bad sides. It is possible that you have caught yourself flirting in the past, but you knew when to stop. However, in case you decide to start a casual hookup with them, your best friend may find this confusing and they may even think that you are in love. In any case, if you sleep with this kind of person, you risk a confusing situation in which both of you will probably feel awkward. Before doing something like this, ask yourself whether it is worth to risk your friendship. Casual sex dating is something that you can do with many people, but is it that easy to find a best friend?

People who live with you

Obviously, we are talking about your roommate. Think of your roommate as your relative – you live with them, but you definitely don’t want to sleep with them. To be honest, there are cases when roommates fall in love and even establish a long-term romantic relationship. But, remember that we are talking about casual hookups in this article. In case you feel down or you need comfort and you think that your roommate can provide something like that through sex, think twice! Once again, you must find the answer to this question – can you handle the awkward moments after that? Keep in mind that you live together and you will have to look at each other on a daily basis.

People who are married or in a serious relationship

guilt-free sexA casual hookup is a type of sexual encounter people have where feelings or emotions are not involved. However, when people have sex with other individuals who are in a serious relationship or married, you will probably feel sorry for what you have done. Even if you are not thinking about the person who got cheated, you will always know that you are just another lover. What is even worse is that married or taken people are often using causal hookups to create an imaginary world in which they are loved and respected. In other words, things can easily get out of control if you are having casual sex with them.

People who have a crush on you

Casual hookups were “invented” for one reason – guilt-free sex. If someone has a crush on you, this means that they have developed strong feelings about you and they expect something more in the future. When we say something more we mean emotions, not just sex. If you know that someone has a crush on you and you are still inviting them in your bed, then you can expect problems in the future. The purpose of casual hookups is to fight stress and have fun and where’s the fun in explaining your feelings to your casual sex partner? Avoid these people at any cost.

Casual hookups can be great if you know how to protect yourself – by avoiding certain kinds of people. The simplest and most convenient way to find a casual sex partner is to use a dating website that connects like-minded people.

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