Casual Sex Relationship: Top Benefits You Can Enjoy

casual relationshipA casual hookup might often end up being a good idea – as long as you’re doing it right and staying safe, there’s nothing wrong to it! Even though society often puts a stigma around casual sex dating and insists on commitment, in some cases, there are more reasons to go for it rather than not!

Actually, if you think about it, even though a “relationship” like that is based solely on sex and mutual attraction, it doesn’t always have to be only about fulfilling the needs of the other person – you could be surprised by how much you grow and change as a person in a relationship like that.

Keep reading on to learn the top benefits you can enjoy when it comes to casual sex relationships and how to get the most out of it!

  • Sex is good for you

Good sex does wonders for both your emotional and psychical health. Do you need to be in an amorous relationship to have some awesome sex? Of course not!

Actually, multiple studies have linked good sex with longevity. A study in Australia has shown that people who climax at least three times per week have a 50% lower chance of dying because of some medical condition compared to those who climax only once per month.

Apart from statistical data, sex helps you feel fresher, younger and clears off any damage stress made to your body. You know that shine you get after a couple of rounds of great sex? Well, let’s just say your body wouldn’t lie to you, would it? Forget popping a headache pill after a long day – go and have sex instead.

  • Less emotion, less drama

Personal relationships can often get so much more complicated than what those participating in them ever signed up for. There are only so many times someone gets upset about who called – or worse, didn’t call – first, right?

Well, when it comes to casual sex dating, you skip all of that drama because there are zero emotions linking the two of you. Intentions are clear on both sides and ideally, no one forms any emotional attachment to the other.

Since there are much less personal emotions involved, there’s going to be a lot of less drama –the two of you meet up to have a good time, not argue about what you’re going to do over the weekend.

  • Honesty

Sometimes, people feel ashamed to fully express themselves and hide certain aspects of their personality in committed, long-term relationships. Most often, that’s done out of fear – your need for acceptance and approval spikes your fear and you shy away from revealing some intimate details about yourself.

However, chances are, you won’t be doing that in a casual sex relationship. Since you already feel good about yourself, you’re not very likely to crave for the other person’s approval on whatever the topic. You’re going to be much more honest about what you like and don’t like and your personality is truly going to start shining!

  • Discover your sexuality

casual sex hookupIn an ideal personal relationship, sex and love would always go hand in hand. Unfortunately, things don’t always work that way in the grownups world; many are stuck in sexless relationships where they love their significant other but the sex is just… plain awful and doesn’t allow them to fully explore their sexuality.

One of the greatest things about a casual relationship is that it’s based solely on one thing – the two of you enjoying sex! So it shouldn’t come surprising to learn that the casual sex relationships are one of the best places to experiment and discover what you enjoy the most.

If you’ve been doing the casual thing for a while now, then the sexual preferences of you and your partner are probably aligned – which isn’t always the case in romantic relationships. As said before, you won’t be shying away on being completely honest about what turns you on and what totally kills the moment for you. Who knows, maybe you learn a new thing or two about you and your body as well, right?

  • Learn to be fun & spontaneous

One big reason why romantic relationships fail after a while is that both sides start overthinking and over planning, and before you know it, the fun is lost. Relationships should be all about having a blast together while keeping the spark alive – one way to do that is to be spontaneous!

A relationship that involves casual sex only allows you to be much more playful and live in the moment more than what you’d do in a committed relationship. Since you don’t worry much about the future – at least not further away than the next weekend – you get to discover your fun side. If you have a history of overthinking, try hooking up once or twice and notice how your whole perception of dating changes!

  • Zero expectations

Expectations – especially the big ones – are the real killers of relationships. When is he going to call? When is she going to introduce me to her friends? Are we ever going to move in together?

Personal relationships are already complicated on their own but when you throw in the emotions that develop over time and mix them up with some expectations about the future, you could be in for a real apocalypse. If you’re just tired of all of the fuss and failing to meet someone’s expectations, then a casual sex relationship is the thing for you.

When people meet to have a good time, the two of you won’t expect anything out of the other person – well, except for some good sex. You don’t spend your days watching your phone and worrying whether or not he or she calls you – you just don’t care for any of that!However, don’t forget that boundaries have to be clearly set so the zero-expectations thing works well.


Bearing all of that in mind, a casual hookup may be just what you need at the moment to spice up your life a bit. As long you stay safe and protected and you’re clear about the final outcome at the end, you’ll be reaping only the benefits of it in the end!

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