Casual Dating Sites vs. Bars and Nightclubs

hookup nightclubsAnyone who takes hookup dating seriously will certainly have noticed how their local bars and clubs seem a little emptier than they used to. All around the world, there has been a growing grumble from bar and club owners who claim that dating apps are slowly strangling their business.

Before dating apps, the main place to get a new hookup was the nightclub or in a bar. It took some balls, if you will forgive the pun, but once you had mastered the art of approaching a stranger and striking up an interesting conversation with them, the fun of knowing that you either were going home with them or at least got their number was a buzz like no other.

Whether it is true or not that people prefer to use dating sites to going to bars and nightclubs, what this really doesn’t tell us much is which form of hookup dating is really better? To help us get to the bottom of it, we asked a bunch of dating advice experts to find out which is better, online dating sites or the good old nightclub.

Mark Jones – Dating site reviewer and LGBT campaigner

As a gay man living in the United States, I have got to say that I do really love the feel of going to a bar and meeting someone new that I’m attracted to. That said, it really is quite a lot of work to actually go to bars and clubs with the express purpose of hunting for a new hookup. A really interesting thing about the gay community is that we are usually way ahead of the trends compared to the straight community.

I have definitely noticed a big drop off in the numbers of people in the gay clubs I usually go to, which started around 5 or 6 years ago. But honestly, I think that has actually helped the chances that you can go and pick up someone because, in my opinion, there is definitely less of a feeding frenzy type atmosphere than there used to be. Though everyone I know uses dating apps as well as hitting the clubs, I would still say that I prefer the personal touch of meeting someone face to face, and that’s not even to mention the excitement too!

Clarrissa Hill – Dating site manager, club lover and part time BDSM dominant

Clubs are great! But the problem so far as meeting people this way is that really takes a lot of time energy. Luckily, for us women, we don’t really have to do much as the guys come to us. Though this is definitely flattering, it can be a real chore as the night goes on, especially if you are a girl like me, who is there to dance and have fun with my friends.

I use Tinder and OK Cupid to meet guys, and my usual thing is to go out to meet them at a bar and if I like them to invite them to go to a club with me. Where it goes from there really depends on how well things click, but this is the way I have been hooking up for the last year or so, to be honest.

I guess that I would definitely say that hookup apps have the advantage. In a club, even on a really busy night, the highest number of guys you are likely to talk to is around 10, and even then you won’t really be able to get to know them that much. With a dating site, you can really talk to them for as long as you like to get to know them better before you meet them. And of course, there is so much more choice as well.

Alexey Vasiliev – Life coach

As a single bisexual male with quite intensive work commitments, I have to say I love dating sites. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a club. I would say that I’m like the majority of single working people these days, I like going out with friends, but don’t really have the energy to spend my few days off hunting for hookups in bars and clubs all over the city. I never really liked dancing and so was not really all that successful in meeting girls in clubs anyway.

Casual dating sites really take so much of the work out of meeting new people. Rather than having to down a few drinks in order to get the courage up to talk to some stranger, the only effort with a dating site is in making your profile look great so that people are interested in you. People everywhere are being forced to learn the art of marketing, namely how to sell yourself in a really competitive marketplace.

casual dating onlineI use general apps like Tinder and also bi-friendly sites too.  I find Tinder the best for hookups, but really don’t like the overwhelming feel of it if I’m honest. I recommend that before signing up to any dating site, do some research to make sure that it is the one most suitable for you. If you are gay, bisexual or are into BDSM, then you should pick a sight that is designed for those niches. Trust me it really does make life easier.

Final Thought

The general agreement seems to be that though going to a bar or club is much more fun, though the effort and time it takes to hit on people makes it not so appealing especially since there is a much better alternative. Dating sites make the odds of meeting new people and getting the chance of a casual hookup or something more, much greater. The biggest upfront advantage is that you don’t get the same hard kick in the face feel when someone rejects you online, so it makes it much easier to talk to those super attractive strangers. Whether or not dating sites or apps will kill the nightclub remains to be seen, but what is clear is that the sheer number of people using online dating platforms must be proof that they are the preferred method of choice when it comes to meeting new people.


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