Casual Sex: How to Feel Good the Morning After

the morning after sexNo matter whether you’ve had some casual hookup or you’re thinking about having one, there’s one big question that troubles many: what happens the morning after? One thing’s for sure – life moves on!

Even though some may think that casual sex ends up like a total disaster in the end, things don’t necessarily need to be that way. Actually, if both of you are mature enough to understand what was that you got yourselves into, things don’t end up being bad at all.

Read on to learn ways about how to feel good the morning after you’ve had some casual sex and how not to feel miserable and disappointed in the end.


1 – Have clear intentions


Casual hookups work well just because both sides have their intentions clear – you want to enjoy the psychical part of the relationship without getting entangled with some emotional baggage as well.

So having that in mind, one way to ruin things for yourself is to get all emotional about it and start obsessing over the other person. Don’t forget that you’re doing it because you want to enjoy sex, not because you want to raise your kids together. Of course, you’d have a cool story to tell if that somehow happens but life is not a Hollywood movie most of the time.

Even if you decide to make a whole casual sex relationship out of your one night stand, don’t let feelings get in your way. One good way to do this is to always choose people you feel attracted to but you wouldn’t want to really date in the long term. That doesn’t mean that you should lower your standards and sleep with whoever gets in your way but it means that you shouldn’t be as picky – just make sure you like that someone enough to let them see you naked.


2 – Always practice safe sex


So you’ve just met the other person and chemistry does its work because sparks are flying all over the place! Throw in a couple of laughs and witty jokes to the mix and you know someone will be getting lucky that night. One thing leads to another and next thing you know, you’re having sex in someone’s car.

Sounds like a great time, right? Well, yes – as long as you’re using protection! Even though casual hookups are all about being spontaneous and enjoying yourself, nothing brings more regret rather than practicing unsafe sex with a stranger. Because yes, someone you’ve just met is a stranger to you – you don’t know the other person nor his/her sexual background!

In order to avoid having unsafe sex, keep a few condoms in a safe place at all times and throw in a few dental dams – you’ll never know when you might need them! Also, don’t forget to do regular STD checkups with your doctor as well and always let the other person know if you’ve been experiencing some symptoms of discomfort after the night spent with them.


3 – Don’t get drunk


No matter how you’ve met the other person – online or offline – chances are, you’re going on a date of some sorts before the actual sex takes place. Even if you’ve decided to meet up at each other’s homes, there’s still going to be some sort of drinking involved.

Grabbing a drink or two to feel a bit more relaxed is okay. Getting totally wasted – on any substance, actually – is not. You’ll end up not remembering most of the things you did and wake up with the worst hangover of them all: regret!

If you think you might get carried away with the drinking, order some virgin cocktails or just stick with water. That way, you’ll be aware of the things you’re doing at all times and you won’t feel used up the morning after. Don’t forget that everything you do throughout the night should be consensual for both sides.


4 – Don’t have casual sex with your close friends


casual sex with friendsThere are many stories where best friends got together after a while and they ended up getting married and having three kids. While no one is denying true love can happen between two close friends, casual sex works in a bit more complicated way most of the time.

Things will definitely become messy the morning after – are you friends now, are you dating or are you just casually having sex with each other? On top of that, someone will end up getting hurt in the end because who gets to decide what the two of you have gotten into? Remember that there are more than a few people you can have casual sex with but finding great friends is not that easy.

Instead of going to bed with someone you’ve shared your deepest secrets with, sleep with people you have zero emotional background with. There are multiple ways to meet people for casual hookups, such as on various casual dating websites or on dating apps – use that to your maximum advantage!


5 – Don’t expect anything


Nothing ruins the morning after like waking up with a ton of expectations in your head. Your brain is buzzing and yes, you probably feel good about the two of you just because you – hopefully! – had some great sex together.

But expecting something more than just a night full of fun will only get you hurt. In fact, overthinking is your worst enemy here – if you think you may be developing some sort of an emotional attachment to that person, you could be heading down a dead-end street.

You need to approach casual sex hookups for what they are – just a casual hookup that doesn’t have any deeper meaning. You liked each other and you ended up sleeping together –that’s pretty much it! Most of the time, you won’t even see the person ever again.

In the rare case that things do work out for the two of you and you end up catching feelings for each other, that’s awesome. But don’t engage into one night stands if along-term commitment is on your mind as that may leave you feeling disappointed in the end.


To sum it all up, remember that one of the best parts about the one-night stands is that you’re totally in control of everything – both of your bodies and feelings, as well as the way you react to everything that happens! Use that to your maximum advantage to have some awesome time with someone you really like – don’t ruin things for yourself by overthinking.

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