Hookup Guide: How to Get a Guy into Bed If You Are a Woman

women casual sex with guysIf you are one of the millions of women, who each year search for advice on how to get a guy into bed, you will already know that no matter what search engine you use, the results will nearly all be tips for guys to get women into bed. It is amazing how little information is actually available on the topic, something that highlights how much things still have to go until things catches up with modern women. Hookup dating is, in fact, very common amongst women, particularity since the advent of dating sites such as Tinder, while the rise of casual dating sites shows that women are increasingly more open to fun.

It might be true that because of the biological differences, men are generally more obsessed with sex with women, but this is definitely not always the case.  Women are increasingly throwing off the shackles of the past and taking full control of their fate, something that includes aggressively going after what they want, so far as sex is concerned.

As a guy, I have to say that the 5 or 6 times that a woman has aggressively chased me in order to get me into bed, felt not only refreshing but incredibly exciting too. On these occasions, I was lucky to actually make it into my home before they had undressed me. It doesn’t take much to imagine just how much fun those nights turned out to be, believe me.

The interesting part is that I am not alone. When this topic has arisen in the past, nearly all my male friends have recounted a story or two and said how great the feeling was. So to help spread the word and give women out there a little more insight into what works with guys and what doesn’t, here is a little insight from a guy’s perspective.

What guys really think about sex!

Thanks to our biology, human males are hardwired for sex. Do you know that while asleep, on average a guy will get an erection 11 times a night! Unlike animals such as Polar Bears, human females don’t get pregnant each time they have sex. There is roughly a 10% chance a woman will get pregnant after having sex, if calculated over the whole month. So when you think about it, that’s quite a bit of work that we guys have to be ready for.

Do guys respect a woman less if she jumps straight into bed with them?

This is one of those things that really depends on the guy. Most women I have spoken to say this is one of their main concerns about sleeping with a guy they just met. Fundamentally, this does boil down to two things; who the guy is and what his moral viewpoint/background is.

I’m sorry to say that there are a lot of douchebag guys out there who really don’t seem to respect women much anyway. If you imagine it as a spectrum, opinions go from this, all the way through to men who basically think like monks. There is definitely a good percentage of men who still will judge a woman quite strongly on her sexual history, though in my experience, most of these guys have still had more sexual partners than the girl they are judging anyway.

I think a good rule of thumb here is if you are interested in having something more serious with the guy, or at least are concerned that he might judge you in a negative way, hold off from having sex with him for a little while just long enough to make him notice. I’ve done this with some women, and I have to be honest, it really does work.

What if you want to get him into bed?

If you have found a guy that you like but he hasn’t made any kind of move to get you into bed then don’t be put off by this. There are hundreds of reasons why he might not have made any move to initiate a casual hookup, from being too shy, to trying to show you the respect of not making you feel like he only wants you for sex. The simple truth is that you won’t know until you let things play out or make a move on him. The latter is what guys have to do all the time to try to get a woman, now it’s your turn.


The laws of attraction are older than humans themselves. For the same reason that you are attracted to him, he must be attracted to you.  Now to be clear, all guys recognize the difference between ‘magazine beauty’ and a beautiful person. A beautiful face and a nice body might be what all guys want, but we know enough that personality is going to have to kick in very quickly in order for us to stay interested. Imagine walking up to someone for them only to be rude and nasty, are you likely to want to keep talking to them? Well, it’s the same for guys.

Though attraction is definitely important, believe me as soon as you start talking to someone, things can quickly change.

Be brave

There is no reason why a woman can’t go up to talk to a guy. I have never met a guy who has said that being hit on by a woman feels strange. Go up to him and start a conversation, after all, what is the worst that can happen?

Enjoy yourself

woman gets a guy into her bedGuys like fun women. Making the conversation lighthearted and easygoing is a real way to win over a guy. You don’t need to be a professional comedian of anything, but just keeping the conversation fun will really melt any reservations he might have and build that deeper personality attraction.


It is a common misconception that guys don’t pick up on women flirting. Well, we do, it is just that we pretend not to. Mostly, guys will try to play it cool if they notice a woman flirting as our traditional role is to be the dominant one and therefore to lead the way. My advice here lay it on as thick as you like, as you now know, guys really love when women come on strong to them.

Rejection is part of the game

Just as it is for guys, rejection is always a big risk. There is no easy way to deal with being knocked back, other than forgetting about it and moving on. Remember, don’t let rejection put you off, if it happens, put it behind you and move your focus to another guy. Trust me, if you do, before long you will get what you want and be in bed with that handsome guy you always dreamed about. Happy hunting ladies!

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