Casual Sex Guide: How to Make Sure You Get Her to Orgasm

sex-tipsWhether you are a straight male, bisexual or lesbian, the desire to make sure that your lady is completely satisfied is still really important to most of us. No person likes to get to the end knowing that their sexual partner has not been fully satisfied by having an orgasm. Bringing a woman to orgasm can be a real art form, particularly if you are someone who only does casual sex dating and so are only having sex with people you don’t know. The good news is that there are actually lots ways to ensure that you get a woman to climax, or at least have a great enough time that she will never forget you.

Before we get into the positions that are going to help you to get your partner to orgasm, the firstand most important thing for a woman is that you treat them right. Now, this differs from woman to woman, so here in lays the art form. Don’t forget that most women love a kinky sex from time to time so if you think she seems game, try turning it into a kinky hookup.

Foreplay begins even before you get your hands on the lucky lady. You definitely need to make her feel comfortable and aroused even before you hit the bedroom. For one night stands, making sure that she doesn’t feel like an object that is just there to satisfy you is really important. At the same time, letting her know how much you want her and find her irresistible is certainly going to get her warmed up. Don’t just jump right into full penetrative sex either. One thing that all women love is for a person to go down on them and put some serious work in. If you want her to orgasm, this is the best way to start.

Top Sexual Positions For Casual Hookup

After you have put lots of work into the foreplay, it’s time for the real fun to start. The important thing to remember is that where one position might work with one person, it won’t necessarily work on another.  So when you jump into bed, it is important to have a bunch of positions ready to try out to find out which one works for her.

  1. Her On Top – Cow Girl or the Sit and Straddle

Most fellas still believe that women get most excited when the guy in on top. The fact of the matter is that most of the women we talked to said that they felt great to be on top and in full control. Provided the guy feels strong inside them, they said that being on top was a great position where they could take control of the movement, so as to bring themselves to orgasm. They also indicated that with a first time hookup, they generally preferred the cow girl position, while for more intimate partners they found the sit and straddle to work best. So, there you have it. If you want to make sure the girl orgasms, let her take control.

  1. Missionary

The missionary position, where the guy is on top, is a much loved position by most women. This is because it allows the clitoris to be fully stimulated by the guy’s groin area while also allowing inside the vagina to be well stimulated. The two approaches to this position are either taking it slow or going full speed until the end. When taking it slow, you guarantee a better level of sensitive stimulation to her vagina, something which for some women is the key to getting them to climax. Alternatively, going fast with deep thrusts will make many women feel super excited, as obviously it makes the situation seem more exciting. Our tip: try starting slowly and if after some time you want to switch it up, do so. But if you do go fast, make sure you don’t climax before she does.

  1. The Up and Over

For those people who need a little more turbo to the missionary position, there is the up and over. This position is done by placing a pillow behind the women’s neck as she lies on the bed. Get her to then lift her hips and to wrap her legs up around your back as close to your shoulders as she can. This the perfect position for deep penetration which is really stimulating for women. You will need to take care to make sure that you are not pushing too deep, however, as you might cause her some pain. As long as you do, she will love this position.

  1. Doggie Style

For the same reason lots of women love the up and over, they also enjoy this position. Doggie style allows fast and deep penetration that drives some women crazy. A lot of the women we spoke to said that they liked this position when they hook up with someone who they don’t have any level of intimacy with. Because of its high energy feeling, many women get off on the pure excitement as much as the deep penetration aspect. Again, you should get a feel for what your partner wants as some women prefer intimacy and find this position unappealing.

  1. The Down But Not Out

woman orgasmMany women love to be penetrated from behind but find doggie too lacking in intimacy. For those women there is a perfect solution; the down but not out. This position involves the woman lying face down and her partner lying on top of her while penetrating her from behind. Since both bodies are touching, this position feels a lot more intimate and fulfilling for some women. This position is also better at stimulating the inside of the vagina, and since it can be done both slowly and quickly, offers a really nice set of options to best please both participants.

Final Thought

The art of the orgasm really comes down to making sure you get it right for that person. Generally, it becomes easier to do all the right things to get a woman to orgasm after you get to know her a little more. So for hookups, the best advice is to try lots of things to see what works, while for women you know a little better, just give her extra helpings of all the things you know she loves best. Finally, don’t be afraid to try to turn it into a kinky hookup to send her excitement levels into the stratosphere.

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