Major Rules on Casual Sex Hookup

As opposed to the common knowledge, casual sex can assume many forms. It can be the sex-by-appointment, booty call or major rulesthe common one night stand. It may also be categorized as a recreational sex and cereal sex. However, different taste of casual sex hookup, regardless if it is carnal, unemotional and uncommitted is still governed by rules. Here are some of them that will make your sexual intercourse a lot better.

Be Confident About Your Emotion

Whether you are joining a casual sex site or you are going on a sex hookup, it is very essential that you will check your emotion. The things that you are expecting may not happen, but it can be equally entertaining, hot and ultimately satisfying if you keep your emotion in check. On the off chance that you can’t disregard your feelings, you need to think twice about your arrangement. Casual hookup should not be sociopathic or emotional. Avoid getting hurt unless you have a thing for masochism.

Be Different and Stay True to Yourself

Never lie to your partner on sex hookup sites. There are ways on how you can look spontaneous, mysterious and uninhibited without lying. You may adopt a certain character or upgrade your romantic level. Treat this as a role playing game which has a tendency to turn out a lot of people.

Be an Animal Yet Stay as a Gentleman

Casual sex hookup needs a perfect balance between being generous and safe combines with shameless dominance. You need to be an animal but still be a gentleman. Remember that wolf wearing a hat in the fairytale books? You can be a respectful narrator while discussing your kinky side.


Think about the common food pyramid to describe a casual relationship, the base of the pyramid is reserved for casual sex dating. This means that when you are having sex with your partner; make sure to have the most of it. The top of the pyramid should be done in control. This involves things that should be done sparingly like going on a park or having a dinner; which is relatively the opposite of having a casual relationship. At the middle of the pyramid is where you will find the foreplay such as talking, watching TV, showering. Everything that is not sex-related should be done in limitation. In case you are the guest, avoid overstaying and sneaking out.

Ask Questions

Vacation sex and one night stands are fleeting disorganized and anonymous. However, if you have an ongoing arrangement on casual sex hookup, both of you needs to establish a rule by asking questions. You need to be sure that this kind of casual dating is ideal for both of you. Ask them how often this should be done, do you have to keep this a secret, do they expect some date before the casual sex, are you allowed to see other people, do you need to be tested? These questions will make your sexual relationship painless and hassle free.

Perhaps there will come a time when your casual sex relationship will get old, and you will find others. Maybe you’ll fall in love with each other. When there is a change in your arrangement, be honest and tell your partner about it and do not instantly disappear.

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