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Now, the truth is that casual dating sites are definitely rather interesting and incredibly beneficial. Maybe you are not ready for a serious relationship, and maybe you are just not ready to share your life with someone else. You just want a wild one night stand, and that’s it. And that’s where casual sex sites like NoStringsAttached come into the picture to extend a helping hand.

OverView is amongst the most popular casual hookup sites on the web. It is incredibly friendly for all of you who are looking for a passionate one night stand without having to commit to anyone. The entire user experience that the website manages to deliver is exceptional. The loading speed is particularly comprehensive and quick, and it’s definitely not a burden – something that a lot of websites struggle with. Your privacy is entirely protected, and you don’t have to worry about anyone else besides you finding out. You are allowed to build an entirely anonymous profile in order to keep your actual identity a secret. It’s obvious that the people behind the website are well aware of the complications that an affair could cause or the reputation blows that a one night stand can impact. With this in mind, this is definitely a casual sex site which is going to provide you with everything that you might expect out of it. It’s like going to the bar and knowing that you will find a girl or a man who is looking for the exact same thing. Which is likely to be the biggest benefit of – it provides a communal space for people with the same interests. Put an end to the shameful mornings in which you are forced to sneak out of someone else’s apartment before she or he wakes up in order to put a quick end to the one night stand.


Now, when it comes to features, it goes without saying that is packed with them. So, let’s break them down a notch.

• You will have access to more than 3.4 million people who are sharing the same interest on the casual sex site.
• The site is basically promising you that you will be able to find a match because of the sheer abundance of people who are actually looking for the exact same thing as you are.
• This is the fastest growing website when it comes to casual hookup
• It has a free membership
• You are capable of making Private Calls without having to disclose any kind of personal numbers.
• You can use the website’s email system in order to ensure the privacy of all of your correspondence.
• Comprehensive registration – you need to specify your username, gender, email and who you are looking for. With this in mind, it’s particularly easy to go ahead and create a profile, which by the way, is free of charge.
• It is protected and secured – all of your private information is carefully encrypted and perfectly protected.

Now, enough with the features – it’s obvious that there are a lot. Let’s start talking money. Let’s go ahead and take a look at how much is this going to cost you.

Memberships and Prices

When it comes to it, you need to account for a few things. First off, you can register an account absolutely for free. However, this is only going to provide you with an overview of the website and the experience that you are to expect from it. If you want to go ahead and get the full value of all the benefits that we outlined above, you’d have to upgrade your account to a VIP Member. And, believe me; the name is truly worth it.

VIP Membership Perks

Now, being a VIP Member at this particular casual hookup website means that you get all of the good stuff like:
• Contact different members
• View all sorts of profiles
• Watch uploaded member videos
• Take a look at all of the profiles

The fees are as follows:
• 12 months will cost you $8, 95/month – you also get 6 months for free hence making this the best option.
• 3 months will cost you $14,99/month – you also get 1 month for free
• 1 month will cost you $29,95

My Verdict

When it comes to casual sex dating, the choice is usually abundant. However, just like the move itself NoStringsAttached is a website that provides you that – casual encounters without falling in love. It is amongst the best websites for the purpose, and it’s going to provide you with everything that you are looking for. So, my honest opinion is that you shouldn’t be wondering about it and tries it out. Even if you don’t like it – there is a free membership.



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