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OverView is the best site to be if you are looking for casual sex dating. Yes, this site tends to be a bit more passionate than others of the kind, its purpose is to bring together as many young people, couples, or even groups, who are interested in finding partners for erotic adventures. Even if people come here to find casual hookups, the site is not pornographic, in comparison with others in the same niche, the users on Passion using suggestive images and videos, and not explicit ones, on their profiles. So the overall image of the site is a high-quality and elegant one, regardless most members here are just looking to satisfy their sexual fantasies.

Membership Price

There is a standard membership that is entirely free, which also include the subscription to the site. But, if you choose not to pay anything for your Passion account, do expect to have limited options, in comparison with other members that opted for a paid account, such as the following:

• Gold Membership for 1 month, billed once, at $14.97;
• Gold Membership for 3 months, billed once, at $31.80; you get one month for free, which means that you will enjoy 4 months of Gold Membership, and the price is $7.95 per month, being a better value for your money;

You can highlight your profile for:
• 1 month, at $9.95;
• 3 months, at $8.95 per month, billed once at $35.90;

You can enjoy Adult Movies on demand, as follows:
• 1 month for $18.95;
• 3 months for $12.95 per month, billed once at $26.85;


The standard free membership offers the following features:

• You can create a profile, where you can add info about you and complete a registration page about your preferences concerning future partners;
• You can add photos, but only up to 5 are allowed;
• You can send members you like winks;
• You can create a Hotlist of preferred members;
• You can search for members;
• You can enjoy instant messaging and chatting;

The premium Gold Memberships offers the following features:

• You can view the profiles of all members and you can contact them;
• You enjoy advanced search options;
• Your profile appears in the top of searches, being much more visible than standard profiles;
• Your profile and photos will be reviewed with priority;
• You will have tools to help you find the most suitable matches;
• You will receive tech support with priority via e-mail and phone;
• You will receive cupid e-mail reports about the new members that can be a match;
• You will receive a suggested list of members personalized to your needs;

Unique Features

Private Call
It is a feature that allows you to talk on the phone with other members without giving away your phone number. Thus, you can enjoy real time conversations with people you just met without compromising your privacy and safety in case things don’t work out.

Sex Academy Workshops
Would you like to improve your sex skills? The Sex Academy Workshops are specially created to help people perform better in the bedroom and satisfy themselves and their partners at new levels. This is definitely something you won’t find something like this on other casual sex sites.

Cupid Email Service
The site will let you know, via e-mail, which persons match the set of characteristics you are looking in a partner. You will receive a report with various details about members that can be potential matches, as well as with new members that can become a good match.

Adult Location Directory
With the help of this feature, you can locate all sorts of adult-themed businesses from all over the world. It gives you new opportunities to enjoy adult fun and you also get the chance to tell about it in posts. So the site doesn’t just offer you the chance to meet new people for casual sex dating, as it also gives you various opportunities to have a great time.

Adult Movies on demand
If you are in the mood for a different kind of movie night, you can enjoy the Adult Movies selection offered by Passion. As mentioned before, this is a paid feature, although the sum is small for the wide range of titles you can choose from. It seems that the whole idea around Passion is to offer its users an excellent time, by offering all the pleasures an adult would wish to enjoy.


• The site has user-friendly platforms both for desktop and mobile, so it is not difficult to use even if you never been on such sites;
• As advertised by the site, members that are usually sensual than sexual adhere to Passion;
• The system with votes and points make the site quite social, as everything looks like a game;


• Passion doesn’t have, for now, an individual mobile app;
• If you don’t pay the full membership, your use of the site will be quite limited;
• The settings that help you customize your matchers are rather poor, as you don’t have too many options to personalize this aspect;


Though is just an imitator of, it managed to do a great job. It is much safer than, which is something that makes Passion attract more and more singles and couples that are all seeking casual sex here. It has great features to offer to its users, it is respectful by encouraging people to post sensual photos instead of explicit photos, and protects the user’s privacy even if one wishes to engage in a phone call. Just do remember that most people come on this site looking for sex dates, even if their picture are rather suggestive than appearing like being cut from adult magazines. Even though Passion is a great site, in order to catch the No.1 position, it needs to expand the market outside of North America immediately, so that other people from around the world can enjoy its services.